Frequently Asked Questions

One of the questions we often get asked is:
what type of Memorial headstone can I have?

Memorials are our way of remembering loved ones, be it family, friends or pets.
However we are making the choice of what type and size at a time that we are usually not at our best.
We want the memorial to reflect the person or pet in a way that it will remind us of them.

The choice of style or stone is yet another complication although the majority of memorials are in granite, its hard-wearing and stands up to the weather well. Sandstone and other soft stone can be used, but will usually require a yearly cleaning service to keep them looking there best.

We are here to help guide you through this process
this is a free, no obligation service including:

  • Advice on memorial wording
    Inc. additional inscriptions to current memorials
  • Draft inscription proofs (before you pay)
  • All necessary permit forms completed for you
  • Visit to your chosen churchyard or cemetery
  • Information on memorial care
    We offer a cleaning service – Contact us for details

Council cemeteries & Parish churchyards
(Rules & Regulations)

There are rules the cemeteries’ and crematoriums impose, regulating the type, size and colour of the memorial stone that can be used. Also the regulations differ from council to council and parish-to-parish, churchyards are usually controlled by local diocese.

The Parish churchyard memorials are sometimes more tightly regulated than cemeteries. They can allow soft stone and or granite in different finishes, colours but are very particular about the sizes.

The local Vicar has the authority to approve memorials that meet the Diocesan regulations, however ornate headstones will need to obtain permission from the Diocese (this is called a faculty) and it can be a costly business, better managed by you.

There are also documents called permit forms you will need to submit including fees for approval, then the appropriate people need to sign them before the document becomes the grave deed.

On the ‘useful Links’ page there is a list of local authorities websites to help you with their particular regulations and therefore in your choice of headstone.

Headstones & Memorial inscriptions

Hand carving inscriptions will in the majority of cemeteries be allowed as they approve a wide variety of lettering styles, so the actual fonts you like can be used. However some local churchyards control the style, to the point of stipulating the actual font including the colours and any decoration, all of which are rigorously controlled.  Review some of my finished projects to give you some ideas of approved styles.